Does The Chinese Gender Chart Really Work? (2023)

Considered as one of the best ancient methods for gender prediction as well as sex predetermination, the Chinese gender calendar is used very commonly amongst young parents.

Surprisingly, this astrologically-based Chinese technique has been around for 700-900 years, according to The Wanna be WAHM.

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Now, discovering whether your unborn child is a son or a daughter is no longer a difficulty.

Nevertheless, does the Chinese gender chart really work?

Does The Chinese Gender Chart Really Work? (3)

Despite no scientific proofs, this gender chart is claimed to have a high accuracy rate that comes up to 98%.

Personally, I think the precision level of the result primarily depends on the personal information entered into the chart. Of course it cannot deliver the correct answer at all times.

But, in general, Chinese gender calendar works for most individuals.

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When I was having a conversation with friends last week and this topic came up, one of them suddenly said: “If this ancient chart really works, how bad it would be for Chinese baby girls.” Such an excellent point! Actually, Chinese gender chart is not as straightforward as you thought – it must have a secret technique revealing the gender you want.

Shortly, this ancient chart is for entertaining purpose only; you shouldn’t take the result too serious and dramatic, or replace it with medical check-ups.

Tips to Use Chinese Gender Calendar Accurately

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Is Chinese gender calendar wrong?

For a precise prediction, you must utilize the dead-on chart and type exact information.

How to find the right chart?

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The Wanna be WAHM states that Chinese gender chart has lots of variations copied and spread all over the Internet. The result means nothing if you use the wrong chart, of course. While writing this article, I already came across over 5 different baby gender calendars.

No surprising people these days don’t believe in this method – it’s because we don’t know which chart is completely correct.

Learn aboutMayan Baby Gender Chartfor more insights!

Since the original copy is now in the Institute of Science in Beijing, it’s such a pity that not any real authority can guarantee you the accuracy of the chart available online.

Nevertheless, if you want to find a correct gender chart, then my recommendation is to visit the website. That’s where you will discover plenty of useful information regarding Chinese gender chart.

In fact, this chart is generated using the Chinese lunar calendar. So most importantly, you need to convert your age at the time of conception as well as the conception month into lunar age and month.

No need to worry, simply make use of Lunar Age Calculator, found easily online, and you can get the answer to: “What is my lunar age?”

This chart causes no harm to you and your unborn child, why don’t give it a try?

How Does the Chinese Calendar Work for Pregnancy?

Chinese pregnancy calendar has two main axes including:

  • The mother’s lunar age at the time of conception
  • The month of conception

Some claim this ancient gender prediction method delivers reliable results; however, on the other hand, others like to use it for entertainment purpose only.

In fact, the Chinese gender chart has become pretty popular online when it comes to predicting an unborn child’s sex.

Wondering how does it works?

Now look at the chart below, all the columns indicate the range of mother’s ages from 18 to 45 years. Each column has 12 rows which represent 12 months of a year. In order to find out the gender of your baby with this chart, you must know exactly your lunar age and month of conception.

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  • The mother’s lunar age at the conception time – the Lunar New Year often occur at any time in the middle of end January to mid February. For women born after Chinese Lunar New Year, please add one year to your age. While women born before Chinese New Year, you need to add two years to your present age.
  • The month of conception – you are able to tell your time of conceiving a baby by either getting your doctor’s assistance or utilizing the online pregnancy calculator.

Now just simply find the intersection of the month of conception row and the age of conception column and you can tell the accurate gender of your baby.

(Video) Chinese Calender || Malayalam || Baby Gender Prediction During Pregnancy || കുഞ്ഞ് ആണാണോ പെണ്ണാണോ

For example, if a 24-year-old (lunar age) woman conceived on the first lunar month, she would carry a boy and if a 28-year-old woman conceived on the 12th lunar month, her baby is guessed to be a girl.

Overall, Chinese pregnancy calendaris such a fun way to predict the gender of a child.

Watch the video below to understand this matter deeper:

How to Use Chinese Gender Chart for Gender Selection?

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Not only predicting the sex of an unborn child, this Chinese birth gender chart can also be used to select a particular gender you prefer. As I just mentioned above, you need the lunar month and the lunar age of the mother when conceiving a baby to avail the chart.

Actually, there is no scientific evidence proving the ancient gender chart is accurate. But, because the chance is 50:50, it’s no surprising that Chinese pregnancy calendar has made a lot of spot-on predictions.

As a gender selector, this tool is safe, natural, simple, free and accurate.

Though selecting a baby’s gender can be done by plenty of other methods, still women prefer to use this birth chart for the test.

1. Find out the mother’s lunar age at the time of conception

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Chinese gender calendar – is it true?

Like when predicting the sex of a baby, you need the mother’s lunar age at the time of conception for the gender selection.

This accurate Chinese calendar gender predictor uses the lunar calendar which has no similarity to the Gregorian (Western) calendar. Because of this, I advise you to convert the mother’s ageto the lunar age.

Firstly, all you need is to add one year to your age in the present. If you are 32 years old now, this means you are probably 33 or 34 according to the Chinese calendar.

The reason for this is because Chinese people tend to count the first 9 months a baby spent in the womb as one year, unlike in the West. Thus, a baby is already 1 year old when they are born, according to the lunar calendar.

For those whose date of birth is after February 22, please add 1 to your Gregorian age, and you now you have your lunar age. In case you are 17 years old and your birthday is on July 11, your lunar age is 18.

(Video) Japanese Gender Prediction Chart 2020 | Does It Really Works |Gender Prediction | InformationSource

If a woman was born before February 22, take notice whether or not your birthday fallsbeforeorafter the Chinese New Year. Why? You need to add an additional year to the Gregorian age once the date you were born is before the Chinese New Year.

For example, your birthday is January 7, 1990 and the Chinese New Year in 1990 occurred on January 27 – this means you arrivedbeforethe New Year came. This makes you two years older than you normally are according to the Gregorian calendar.

A simple search and you can change the Gregorian age to the lunar age with an online converter.

2. Determine the lunar month of conception

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For the purpose of selecting a particular gender to conceive, you must find out which month you would like to conceive a baby.

Chinese baby calendar will help you choose the desired gender for your future child.

Well again, remember to convert the preferred month of conception to the lunar calendar. The easiest way at this moment is – making use of an online converter. Simply type “Gregorian to lunar calendar conversion” and enjoy the service.

3. Discover the baby gender result

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Use the graph below to gain the insight into the sex of a baby which you are trying to conceive.

When you know your lunar age and the child’s conception month, the last step is to find the intersection where two primary factors meet.Move both the column and row until both meet at one point.

Check and see whether you get G (girl) or B (boy) in the square box.

What to remember?

For the accuracy of Chinese gender predictor, remember to always involve the Chinese lunar calendar when figuring out the age, month and time of conception.

Beware of pregnancy readings using the Gregorian calendar as a guide. Only the birth chart availing Chinese lunar calendar is accurate. Beware of readings that use.

Select the age of you at the time of conception, not your current age.


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